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quiet time.

I'm the person at church who thoroughly enjoys praise and worship. I wouldn't say I'm excentric about it, but I sing out loud, I cry openly when I'm feeling moved by the Holy Spirit, I raise my hands, I bow my head, and I'm completely unashamed of worshipping my God the way I want to worship Him. Now, that's not to… Continue reading quiet time.

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a brief testimony on baptism.

When I was baptized, I literally felt the Holy Spirit wash over me. Yes, of course, I had water being washed over my skin, but I mean... when the pastor lifted me out of that water, it was like He ran over every inch of me, and all the water settled at the center of my chest. It entered… Continue reading a brief testimony on baptism.

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jump on in, the water’s fine.

Something truly awesome happened tonight and I have to admit, once again, it's amazing the way God puts things together in our lives that just bring us to a final conclusion that just allows us to be closer to Him, glory Him more greatly, or... whatever. Whatever His purpose may be and it's just astounding.… Continue reading jump on in, the water’s fine.