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keep calm and say, ‘I do.’

You know, not everything comes at you like a brick wall when you're talking about the things that God reveals to you - but sometimes, things just do. For a while now, I've been trying to accept into my heart what it really means to be the bride of Christ... but let me back up… Continue reading keep calm and say, ‘I do.’

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locked out of heaven.

I'm very sorry, Bruno Mars. Somebody lied to you (and my money's on Satan). Her sex might seem like it's taking you to paradise, but believe me, it ain't lettin' you into heaven at all. See, it is written that the thief - aka: the devil - only comes to do three things: 1)steal, 2)kill,… Continue reading locked out of heaven.

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Sam writes poetry.

So, I wrote a poem. Hope you all like it! I haven't written like this in a long time, so please leave some feedback. Its appreciated! Thanks! __________________________________________________________ I don't know why this love Always looks like a battlefield. And why do I walk around With this sword and this shield? God, why? Why've I… Continue reading Sam writes poetry.