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you see me. | a poem.

Sweet and scared, You see me. You recognize me. I don't intimidate you with my needs. You don't turn away from my pain. You embrace me. You look at me and you see me. You see all of me. And because you do, it's not just imperfections you see. You bring out my beauty. Your… Continue reading you see me. | a poem.

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tell me your story again. 

I've found that writing in the moment of a thought or a feeling has done me much better as of late than sitting on something to write about and work through later. So right now, I'm writing from the passenger seat of our family van on the way home from vacation.  We're in the rainy… Continue reading tell me your story again. 

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I don’t want to write this blog post either. 

  Recently, I’ve been a podcast addict. It started with Boundless a little over  two years ago, and then I discovered Serial, and Undisclosed, and Anything & Everything with Jeff & Alyssa Bethke, and oh my gosh, the number of true crime and bible teaching podcasts I subscribe to now is mounting people. Most recently though,… Continue reading I don’t want to write this blog post either. 

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let it burn | a short story.

I watched the flames as they grew higher and higher. I just remember how hot it was on my face and how the colors changed. That was the third time I burned the bridge but that particular time was the first time I could see Him standing on the other side. His expression is seared… Continue reading let it burn | a short story.


I’ve got two words for you.

Normally, I like to sit down and write for a good while. I can be pretty long-winded; anywhere between 500 and 1,000+ words is probably my usual range. However, tonight as I sit an reflect on a few of todays events and conversations, my thoughts are much less complicated and I'm more certain than ever… Continue reading I’ve got two words for you.

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You give and take away.

You know, it's funny. I knew months ago that I'd be writing this particular post someday... But all I had was a title. I set the title and started trying to write it a number of times. See, the way I've always gauged whether or not God approves of what I'm writing is if He… Continue reading You give and take away.

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don’t be “that friend.”

Everybody's got one. You know that one "friend" that only calls you when they need something? That one (comedian Dane Cook says, "if you're sitting there thinking, 'no I don't,' then YOU'RE the friend..." - well maybe not, but you might want to check into it). You know if you need something, they're the last… Continue reading don’t be “that friend.”